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'The love of Holy Prophet PBUH has many spiritual effects. The use of the same power for healing diseases is called “Rohani Ilaj” (Spiritual healing).' There are five ways of Rohani ilaj. Spiritual healing can be done in any of these five ways that works only if you have unconditional love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH in your heart. We treat spirituality with these five methods in mind. Most people think that Rohani ilaj is done only with wazaif and tasbihat. It is also done with wazaif and tawezat, but that does not mean that it is the only way to rohani ilaj. The best form of spiritual healing is charity, dua and reliance on Allah Almighty. Yet nowadays most people only value wazaif and tawezat for rohani ilaj. Our method is to treat you with all these things in mind.

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Syed Salamat Bukhari is currently the UK's best Rohani Scholar, benefiting all UK Muslims and people of other faiths. He has created a special place for himself in the people of the UK because of his spiritual healing (rohani ilaj). As mentioned above, what is rohani ilaj and how is it done? Many people today suffer from worldly and religious problems. They are looking for a Rohani Scholar who can help them with wazaif, tawezat and dua and solve all their problems. But nowadays it is very difficult to find out who the right Rohani Scholar is and most people fall into the trap of fake amil Baba. But we have been treating people spiritually for years and have solved their problems with the will and help of Allah. We assure you that inshallah we will solve your problems with our spiritual knowledge and spiritual healing.

Dua can change a person's destiny. Don't worry if you are living a very depressed life and you may have so many problems and don't know what to do. If you are a Muslim and you believe in Islam and you want to solve all your problems with Quran and sunnah then feel free to contact us. Inshallah, with the help of Allah we have the solution to every problem. Syad Salamat Ali Bukhari has a religious and educated family background. He is the best online Rohani Scholar. His spiritual knowledge came from his forefathers and that’s why he can heal depressed souls and destroy lives with the help of rohani ilaj extracted from ALLAH.

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