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Black Magic (Kala jadu):

Today we will tell you what is black magic (kala jadu)? Why is this done? Is it okay to do black magic? What is the purpose of black magic? Is it permissible to practice black magic in Islam?  How can someone find out if someone has done kala jadu on you? What are the signs and symptoms of black magic?

What is Black Magic (Kala jadu kya hai)?

Let us tell you one thing about black magic? "Black magic is a vicious act that is always done for evil purposes." The purpose of the black magician and the performer is only to harm his opponent. This damage can occur in different cases.

Is it permissible to practice black magic in Islam?

The question that often comes to the minds of many people is whether black magic is permissible in Islam or not. The simple answer to this question is a Big NO. The Holy Quran mentions that magic is a reality. It also has an effect. But doing so is strictly forbidden. Paradise is haraam for those who practice black magic. The opposite effect of black magic is on both the magician and the performer.

How to identify the symptoms of Black Magic (Kala jadu)?

There are many signs and symptoms of black magic. If anyone thinks that someone has cast black magic on him. And he wants to know if he has black magic on him or not, so he should look at the black magic symptoms below. If these symptoms are found in him, it means that someone has performed black magic on him.

Signs and Symptoms of Black Magic

These are some of the signs and symptoms of black magic. If you are experiencing all or some of these, it is possible that someone has cast black magic (kala jadu) spells on you.

  • Frequent headaches.
  • Burning and redness of the eyes.
  • Heart palpitations for no apparent reason.
  • Feeling irritable for no reason
  • Darkening of the face. The harder the magic, the darker the face.
  • Separation of spouses.
  • The wife gets angry when she sees the face of the husband.
  • Disruption of livelihood, disruption of business.
  • Physical and mental illness.
  • No effect of medicine.
  • Domestic disputes
  • Business shutdown

Istikhara for Confirmation of Black Magic (kala jadu)

Another way to find out about black magic is to practice Istikhara. Istikhara can be used to find out if there is black magic on you. In today's world where everyone is very busy and does not have time to do Istikhara. So you can ask us to perform Istikhara for you online. Feel Free to contact us for Istikhara. If the result of Istikhara is positive, then it means that someone has cast black magic on you. In that case you have to do kala jadu ka tor(black magic removal). We will remove black magic from you.

Black Magic Removal through Quran Verses

If you have done Istikharah and the result is positive, then black magic has happened to you. You have to perform black magic removal. In that case you can contact us online. With our wazifa, tawezat and amliat we will remove black magic from you. Don't worry if you have used taweez from an amil baba before but the black magic has not been eradicated by them. We assure you that we remove black magic through our spiritual knowledge and have eliminated black magic from the lives of many people. We're just a WhatsApp message away from you. You can message us online on WhatsApp. We will remove the black magic from you forever, then you will never be affected by the black magic again.

Some Precautionary Measures against Black Magic

Some of the precautionary measure against black magic are given below:

  • Always try to stay in ablution.
  • Try praying five times.
  • Read Wazifa for Black Magic Removal
  • Make it a habit to read the Holy Quran daily.
  • Seek refuge in Allah from demons and jinn.

Inshallah, after following these things you will be safe from black magic. Still contact us in case of black magic.

Who is the Best Black Magic Removal Specialist in UK?

Syed Salamat Bukhari is the best black magic removal specialist in the whole of the UK. He belongs to an educated and spiritual family. He has been doing Black Magic Removal for many years. He has a lot of spiritual knowledge, wazaif and tawezaat for black magic removal. He is regarded as the best Black magic removal expert in the UK, Canada and European Countries.

Feel free to contact us, Call Us:

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Kala Jadu Related Questions

Kala jadu is a kind of concentrated dark evil energy designed to limit your life opportunity and calmness. Kala jadu ka tor is very important to save yourself from crucial conditions. Perhaps it is the human emotions of anger or jealousy, who knows? It is hard to believe someone would do this to you at own expense just to harm you.
With the combined spiritual and Islamic knowledge and experience of our Prof kashif bukhari gives you kala jadu ka tor over a decade in the field of spiritual healing. He is giving his tremendous services to the suffered and hopeless humanity. His main goal is to give the light of the life to the depressed and destroyed people and families.
  • A hurdle in marriage ( manpasand shadi or arrange)
  • Success in exams ( educational problems)
  • Not blessed with kids (infertility)
  • Want straight path for your husband(married life issues) In-Sha-ALLAH all your problems will be resolved soon by the grant of ALLAH.
  • Manpasand shadi by tazweez
  • Manpasand shadi by wazaif
  • Istikhara for shadi
  • Manpasand shadi by dua
Here I am mentioning some crucial symptoms which if you are having then you may be the victim of black magic and you need kala jadu ka tor. It is a false impression that if you’re having any difficulty in your life and you start convinced that someone may be your enemy and had done black magic on you.
You are a victim of black magic and want kala jado ka tor? Do offer your prayers regularly. Our Prof. kashif giving you fi sabilillah wazufah for kala jadu ka tor. It can protect you from evil spirits and negative energy.

- Read tauz eleven times.
- Surah fateha eleven times.
- Recite surah Baqrah (till muflihoun).
The purpose of black magic is to manipulate you and to cause a restriction in your personal and professional life. You are often punished in this world for being a good person, not a bad one. The good suffer first is an old spiritual cliché repeated many times among those who know. If you want to nullify the black magic placed upon you, then you certainly can. It requires skill to identify it in the beginning stages so and we have that skills to give you guaranteed Kala jadu ka tor.
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